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Permanent Make-Up

Sopheap Beauty & Nails
Published in Makeup · 18 February 2020

Sustainable makeup is a solution for all those who like to be beautiful in all circumstances. Indeed, this type of makeup consists in implanting pigments under the epidermis. These will give a little more color on certain areas of the face such as the eyes or the lips. It is also an opportunity to strengthen certain facial features, but also to redraw the areas to be corrected, such as the eyebrows or the mouth.

The application of permanent makeup

In order to have a satisfactory result, it is important to solicit a professional to take care of the application of permanent makeup. Over the years, experts have developed effective techniques to ensure a beautiful finish through permanent makeup.

These professionals have received permanent makeup training in a specialized establishment, such as EIMP. Therefore, they know the steps to follow for the preparation of the skin as well as the application of pigments. Handling the dermograph is therefore essential. Agility and ability to concentrate are important criteria for carrying out this work.

To get a glimpse of the final result, a pencil sketch is always made. Indeed, this allows you to control the hatching or lines to be placed on the eyes or lips. Thus, it becomes easier to correct areas of the face. Permanent makeup also requires some care after the procedure. They are recommended to guarantee the durability of the makeup.

The durability of permanent makeup

It makes sense to think that this type of makeup will last a lifetime. However, it should be noted that dermopigmentation is semi-permanent. Indeed, the pigments are placed on the surface layers of the epidermis. Thus, brands have faded over the years. Some touch-ups may therefore be necessary.

It is therefore also possible to change your style when the traces of permanent makeup are erased. The person who chooses this method can then change their look according to the trends which follow one another over time.

What precautions should I take?

In order to obtain an optimal result, it is advisable to avoid the swimming pool, UV sessions or the hammam within ten days. Dermography does not leave marks. Only small redness and swelling can persist for a few hours. Very useful for restoring a line of eyebrows or eyelashes, this technique is possible in cancer patients: the sessions must then be practiced between chemotherapy sessions. However, it is contraindicated in pregnant women, as a precaution. Finally, a preventive drug treatment is recommended in case of cold sores.

Is it painful?

The sensations can be unpleasant. For the eyebrows, they are similar to a bit painful hair removal. To avoid this inconvenience, the prior application of an anesthetic cream is possible. It is compulsory for the lips, because these semi-mucous membranes are very innervated, therefore highly sensitive. Concerning the edge of the eyelashes, the apprehension is often strong, but this area, having fewer nerve connections, is not very painful. Anesthetic cream is however compulsory in order to avoid blinking of the eye.

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