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Sopheap Beauty & Nails
Published in Wellness · 13 February 2019

Your feet carry you everyday and allow you to show the world who you are. So don't neglect your little feet and take care of them!
With a pedicure of course!
We give you 5 reasons to pamper your feet more often.

Beautiful feet

Are you ashamed of your feet? You will be able to bring out your sandals! Thanks to a regular pedicure, your feet and nails will look perfect and you will be able to say goodbye to the horn!

Healthy feet

During a pedicure, your feet will be disinfected, cleaned, exfoliated, hydrated ... In short, your little feet will get a new look! You will regain baby skin, and above all, healthy feet. This will reduce the risk of infections, blisters and other inconveniences. In addition, massage (the best time ...) will improve blood circulation.

Goodbye bad smells

By exfoliating your feet, the specialist who takes care of it removes bacteria, dead cells and dirt responsible for bad odors. You can safely remove your shoes, no one will accuse you!

Ingrown nails, not for you!

During a pedicure, you take care not only of your skin, but also of your nails. Your toenails deserve the same care you give to your toenails, and it's time to think about them! A pedicure reduces the risk of ingrown toenails, and that's really good news!

A moment of relaxation

A foot treatment is always a moment of intense and well-deserved relaxation. A good massage, and you can leave stress and tension aside and enjoy the expert hands of your podiatrist or your beautician.

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