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Hair removal

Sopheap Beauty & Nails
Published in Makeup · 13 February 2019
Each skin has its epilation…. And there are as many skins as there are ways to remove hair. Cold wax, hot wax, laser, oriental hair removal, depilatory cream, razor, electric razor, not easy to navigate in this technical "jungle". First of all, observe your skin and prepare it for hair removal with a good body scrub. If you are new to hair removal, opt for an easy method, razor or depilatory cream (by testing it before in the crook of your elbow. If you blush, forget this method!) The more daring can finish their hair with strips of cold, hot or oriental waxes that require a little more experienced help. If you don't feel comfortable with any of these techniques, head to the institute. Besides, hair removal is the most requested act by women during a first date ...

Hair removal involves removing hair, temporarily or permanently, from human, male or female skin. It can affect all parts of the body, from the most visible (face, legs, arms, etc.) to the most intimate (pubic hair…).

The reasons given are numerous and vary according to the case, the cultures, the social classes1 and the times, ranging from religious criteria or identity signs to social constraint and the internalization of standards of beauty, or even comfort, hygiene (fight against lice and pubic lice or ringworms) or invoking fashion or ethnic traditions.

Hair removal is done using tweezers (tweezers), razor, depilatory adhesives, chemicals, X-rays, electric hair removal, laser hair removal, hair growth or regrowth inhibitor.

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